Kota Doria(Pre-master)

Fabrics being the major part of every human life to cover their body, Today, basic staple garments begin to see regularly in everyday life, forgetting about their local fabrics, which are there from generations in their locality due to reason. Finding the gap between two worlds of fast fashion being the major part of the today's culture and local traditional fabrics to produce and understand the emotional impact of the outcomes which is playful, this project also raised the question that how can I enforce an effort to encircle the designer fashion with local textiles being the surface of an eye is the context. The context is being generated through producing and understanding the act of draping ‘Indian Sari’, where a 7-12 meter of rectangular fabric is being squeezed around the body by hand pleating, wrapping, knotting and tucking.

This project raised the question to understand how can designer fashion can connect people to local heritage fabric ‘Kota Doria’ (which has been used to drape Sari), elevate emotionally values to create afford less and light feeling through unwearable silhouettes.

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